Design Retrospective: Design Miami/ 2008

LOOKING BACK at Design Miami/ 2008 – Top 3 Highlights

Design Miami/ 2008’s Most Memorable Design : Symbiotic Relationship of Design & Nature

Eames Chair in Garden Setting | TheDecoratingDiva.comCreative Fantasy Furniture for Garden | TheDecoratingDiva.comOutdoor Decorative Design Copper Wire Nest | TheDecoratingDiva.comHugo Franca Outdoor Seating | Lush, sensuous, intriguing and alluring fantasy design landscapes created by landscape architect David Font for the Design Miami media conference area.

Aranda Lasch Tent Design Miami 2008 | Aranda/Lasch’s tent architecture design mimics the intricate and delicate beauty of gracefully draped lace.  Fernando & Umberto Campana Design Miami 2008 Designer of Year | Brazilian brothers and eco-designing duo, Fernando and Humberto Campana (shown with some of their exhibited designs) received the Designer of the Year award for their creative work with unconventional materials.