Design Preview: Design Miami/ 2012 Designer of the Year

Acconci Studio's Klein-Bottle Playground  |
Design Miami/ 2012 Designer of the Year, Vito Acconci, of Brooklyn-based Acconci Studio will produce a climbing/playing structure to be permanently installed in the Miami Design District by 2014. Klein-Bottle Playground, as the structure is called, was originally developed for the humanitarian "Art for the World" program, as part of a touring exhibition of experimental recreational equipment and toys for refugee children.

The Acconci’s Klein Bottle playground concept “in which there is no identifiable "inside" or "outside," as one surface flows continuously into the other” was inspired by German mathematician Felix Klein’s expansion upon the mathematical concept of the Moebius Strip (Named in honor of the discovering mathematician, AB Moebius and immortalized in Dutch artist’s, M.C. Escher’s “Moebius Strip I”) into a structure now referred to as the “Klein Bottle”.

Acconci Studio has transformed this mathematical construct into a playground, in which a series of tubes extend out from and into a central sphere, such that children can climb in, through and on top. The installation of Acconci Studio’s Klein-Bottle Playground in the Miami Design District will provide the first public area in the neighborhood dedicated to children.

Design Fair Dates:  Design Miami/ 2012, the global forum for design will take place for the third consecutive year in Miami Beach, Florida from December 5th through December 9th.

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