Interior Lifestyle Tokyo 2013: Japan Style Pavilion at Big Sight

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Japan Style Exhibition Space 2013 Interior Lifestyle Tokyo

Exterior View of Japan Style Exhibition Booth | The Decorating Diva, LLCFront and direct view of Interior Lifestyle Tokyo’s Japan Style Exhibition

Two of my favorite design characteristics, simplicity and elegance, were on display at the Yukio Hashimoto designed Japan Style exhibition at the 2013 Interior Lifestyle Tokyo design fair.  Mr. Hashimoto’s cleverly designed exhibition pavilion housing some of Japan’s best high-end products for the home captures what I feel is germane to Japanese design – a sense of visual balance and harmony that integrates the natural world into a world of architectural and interior design elements.

Mr. Yukio Hashimoto art director Japan Style | The Decorating Diva, LLCYukio Hashimoto (left) sharing his thoughts via interpreter (right) on Japanese design and his concept for the Japan Style exhibition space. This insightful discussion on Japanese design was part of a curated tour led by lifestyle and design editor, Ms. Miki Homma.

Mr. Hashimoto, Japan Style Art Director and renowned interior designer, designed this temporary show structure to reflect on a different side of Japan – one he said that is not commonly thought of by Westerners who may think of Japanese life as one of meditation, silence and the ubiquitous drinking of herbal teas. He wanted to present to the world (And will be able to do so, again, at the larger international venue Ambiente 2014 at which Japan will be the honored Partner country.) a Japan of colors, excitement and festivities.

Top View of Japan Style Booth Designed by Yukio Hashimoto | The Decorating Diva, LLCTop view of Mr. Yukio Hashimoto’s Japan Style space.

Looking down upon the Japan Style pavilion from the third floor gave me a perspective that one can not fully appreciate from merely walking the exhibition space. From high above, one can note the skillful use of color blocking to mark the individual compartments within the pavilion as well as the almost Nautilus-like spiraling interior path. I was also able to see the graceful cascading “roof” structure that gently topped the exhibition hall. From above one can appreciate the airiness and lightness of the overall structure.

Japanese color paper ribbons adorn Japanese Style Pavillion | The Decorating Diva, LLC

Once inside the structure, one is smoothly guided from one booth to the next – following a predefined color-infused path, and unlike many exhibition spaces which use the typical vertical and horizontal aisle layouts, the Japan Style pavilion’s circular pathways allowed visitors to observe all the exhibition booths in a very natural manner. Looking up to the open ceiling of the pavilion what appeared to be string when viewed from a higher plane is revealed to be thousands upon thousands of festively colored traditional Japanese paper ribbon strips.

With the design and construction of the Japan Style pavilion, Mr. Hashimoto created a beautiful treasure box adorned with serene yet ornate elements to showcase the very beautiful wares of Japan’s top design companies.

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