My Style, My Bedroom: Express Your Style at Home

Fashion Style #1:  Silver Screen Siren

Silver screen siren hollywood starlet glamour style inspired bedroom design | The Decorating Diva, LLC

Silver Screen Siren Style Moodboard: Style Icon: Scarlett Johanssan; Star Sparkle: La Vian Pink pearls, diamonds and gold tear drop earrings; Dress to Impress: Versace 2010; Sole Inspiration: Christian Louboutin pink and silver open toe stilletos; and Style Scent:  Dolce & Gabbana L’Imperatrice perfume.

My Style:  Forget Victoria Beckham, when it comes to posh you’re the one and only. Your sumptuous, grand style has those around you atwitter guessing as to what your next “Red Carpet” ready look will be. You’re a fashion alchemist converting a simple white t-shirt and  ripped jeans into a bewitching and glamorous haute couture ensemble with the addition of iridescent tear drop earrings in pink pearl and white diamond clusters to match your shimmering, pink, silver-studded Christian Louboutin’s. Your home decoration mirrors your splendorous style, it’s plush, glamorous and has just the right touch of opaline grandeur.

My Bedroom:  Bernhardt’s gorgeous Kashmir bed with its champagne-hued, lustrous, crushed velvet tufted upholstered headboard  is a heavenly match for the gal that believes in indulging her inner starlet.

1920s great gatsby  glitz glamour upholstered headboard Bernhardt bedroom | The Decorating Diva. LLC

Home Decor Notes:  Bernhardt Interiors’  Everyday Glamour collection:  Kashmir Upholstered Bed completely covered in champagne color crushed velvet;  Caspian End Table in shagreen-embossed leather with wrapped tray top and metal base;  and  Geneva Floor Mirror in silver leaf finish.


Fashion Style #2: Vintage Vixen Glamour

My Style: 1950s vintage vixen fashion style inspires my interior bedroom fashion moodboard | The Decorating Diva, LLC

Vintage Vixen Style Moodboard: Style Icon: Ava Gardner; Star Sparkle: Vintage Cartier necklace; Dress to Impress: Christian Dior Couture 2011; Sole Inspiration: Vintage 1950s shoes in shimmering light blue; and Style Scent: Coco Mademoiselle perfume by Chanel.

My Style: When you walk into a room – all take notice. They can’t help but note the unmistakable feminine magnetism that surrounds you.  You love vintage fashion and decor. You radiate feminine sophistication, and love to surround yourself with beautiful things that represent unabashed glamour, glitz and luxury from your vintage shoe and purse collection to a closet full of Dior’s fanciful frocks to your sublime Hollywood movie star decor.

My Bedroom:  Bernhardt’s Renata mirrored, upholstered bed leaves no doubt that it is the center of attention in the room.  This bedroom design from Bernhardt Interiors’ Everyday Glamour collection has a magnetic feminine allure one associates with the incomparable style and vintage glamour of  “Classic Hollywood” stars such as the beautiful and inimitable  Ava Gardner.

Deco sky blue headboard with silver trim linen wrapped dresser Bernhardt bedroom | The Decorating Diva, LLC

Home Decor Notes:  Bernhardt Interiors’ Everyday Glamour collection: Renata Mirrored Bed, with antiqued mirror inset border; tufted upholstered headboard and foot board  in Sky Blue low-luster velvet  and upholstered side rails; exposed wood foot and mirror framing in silver leaf finish; and Villete Chest 3 drawer, lozenge shape (rectangular w rounded corners) chest of drawers wrapped in Sky Blue linen and detailed with bright nickel nail head trim.


Fashion Style #3:  Resplendent Romantic

Romantic fashion style inspires luxe lustre interior bedroom style | The Decorating Diva, LLC

Resplendent Romantic Style Moodboard: Style Icon: Nicole Kidman; Star Sparkle: Tiffany pearl and diamond bracelet; Dress to Impress: Jason Wu Couture; Sole Inspiration: Romantic linen and gold ribbon shoes with bows; and Style Scent: Miss Dior Cherie perfume.

My Style: You’re known for your graceful and ethereal style. You possess a certain demure enchantment that’s become your signature style. You’re the princess in a charming and elegant fairy tale, and your fashion and home decor narrate your spellbinding tale of romance.  You love all things pretty, delicate and beguilingly feminine like the splendid couture confections weaved to life by the magical hands of  romance fashion wizard, Jason Wu. Your style icon is Nicole Kidman who personifies the style ideals of a soft, whispery and purely romantic enchantress.

My Bedroom:  It’s so easy to imagine Bernhardt’s enchanting Auberge four poster bed in a bedroom, befitting a princess, within the walls of a splendid and magical castle nestled amongst a picturesque landscape.

Auberge poster bed and chest of drawers Chateau Chic Bernhardt bedroom collection | The Decorating, LLC

Home Decor Notes:  Bernhardt Interiors’ Chateau Chic collection:  Auberge Poster Bed with Metal Canopy in white oak in silky weathered oak finish, headboard and foot board upholstered in linen with nailhead trim.


Fashion Style #4: Captivating Classic

Moodboard: Captivating classic  timeless fashion style inspired bedroom design | The Decorating Diva, LLC

Captivating Classic Style  Moodboard: Style Icon: Lauren Hutton; Star Sparkle: Michael Kor’s Tortoise shell and gold bracelet; Dress to Impress:  Oscar de la Renta; Sole Inspiration: Valentino Black bow open toe shoes; and Style Scent: Lauren perfume by Ralph Lauren.

My Style: Unshakable confidence defines everything you do.  With admirable ability, you effortlessly walk the fashion tightrope between the masculine and the feminine, the classic and the modern, and the conventional and the edgy. You revel in your defiant attitude towards convention. Much like your famed style icon, Lauren Hutton – standing firm against the giants of the fashion industry when told to fix her, now much celebrated, gap-toothed smile. She was happy and confident  just being Lauren, she wasn’t about to bend to the demands of others to mold her into society’s definition of “pretty”. Your timeless poise, relaxed sophistication and enduring style mesmerize those around you, and you dress your home in the same fashion you dress yourself – confidently.

My Bedroom:  Bernhardt’s Palatino upholstered platform bed is the perfect mix of enduring classic design and edgy, yet elegant refinement that has plenty of appeal for the woman who is fiercely independent in her views and confident enough to mix the old with the new.

Purple contemporary upholstered headboard Bernhardt bedroom | The Decorating Diva, LLC

Home Decor Notes:  Bernhardt Interiors’  Traditional with an Edge collection.  Palatino Upholstered Platform Bed in new lavender damask woven upholstery. Esme Nightstand linen wrapped (High Point Market gall 2013 furniture introduction).

Disclosure:  All opinions expressed in this post are all my own.  Bernhardt is a sponsor of The Decorating Diva, LLC.