5 Decor Pieces that Prove Luxury Design is in the Details

Luxury is in each detail.-Hubert de Givenchy | The Decorating Diva, LLC

Luxury is in each detail.-Hubert de Givenchy.

Luxurious dressmaker embellishments, elegant braided trim, exquisite nailhead details and bejeweled upholstery buttons are but a few of the many beautiful and eye catching details that grace the furniture and decor on the Marge Carson showroom floor. I’ve long held the belief that when the small things, the details, are done right then I can be confident that everything else will be done to that level of quality.

The details are not the details. They make the design.
Like fashion, luxury and quality home fashion can be discerned by the attention to detail. The construction, the stitching, the care noted in each handcrafted inlay, the subtle brush marks on the hand-painted surface – all those little artisan-inspired touches speak to the luxury of the decorative accessory or furniture piece.

In this post, I share five of my favorite detail-oriented decor finds that I feel exemplify Marge Carson’s dedication to the luxurious details that discerning design clients seek.

Gorgeous intricate inlay work on chairside table. | The Decorating Diva, LLC

TIF30 Tiffany Chairside Table

DETAILS: Metalwork: Versailles finish. Top: Orleans finish with Versailles Leaf trim. Top Shell Inlay: Polished Silver Mosaic. Hardware: Polished Nickel.

marge carson 2015 high point-1030703_the decorating diva

SBA45-5 Samba Oval Side Chair 

DETAILS: Body Fabric: 66982 Town Slate. Frame Finish: Bombay Finish. Trim: Silver Cloud Leaf trim. Decorative Inset Back: Polished Nickel with Polished Gold stud accents. Frame Trim: Silver nailhead trim spaced over Tape 66943 Leather Smoke.

Smoked Gray tufted leather bench. | The Decorating Diva, LLC

BOS48 Bossa Nova Bench

DETAILS: Body: 66943 Leather Smoke. Tight Seat Box Button Tufted: Merengue Buttons.Maltese Base: Burnished Silver finish. Ferrule Finish: Polished Nickel. Frame Trim: Merengue nailheads spaced over Tape 66943 Leather Smoke.

Bolster Pillow: 66982 Town Slate with 66979 Braid.

Mirror tile trimmed sophisticated gray sofa with nailhead trim. | The Decorating Diva, LLC

SFA43 Serafina Sofa

DETAILS: Body Fabric: 66981 VIP Slate Seat.Trim, Micro Welt Fabric: 65987 Sign Slate. Double Bead Wood Detail with Antique Mirror Tiles Finish with Bead Detail in Burnished Silver finish. Base: Box Pleated Deep Skirt Underskirt, Fabric: 65987 Sign Slate. Frame Trim: Silver nailhead.

Back Pillow on Sofa in 66076 Android Steel fabric trimmed with 65987 Sign Slate trim and micro welt. Middle row of pillows in 66914 Kerrington Butterfly fabric with trim braid in 64202 Braid Seeded Metallic. Front row: Ball pillow in 65987 Sign Slate fabric.

Artistically framed dining chairs in contemporary neoclassic pattern. |The Decorating Diva, LLC

BOS45 Bossa Nova Side Chair and BOS46 Bossa Nova Arm Chair

DETAILS: Body Fabric: 66949 Polariod Harlequin. Frame Finish: Riviera Finish. Trim: Ebony Pint Trim. Hardware: Polished Brass. Frame Trim: Mottled nailheads.

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