A Twist on Christmas Traditions

  Silver & Pink Christmas Decor Tree & Ornaments | The Decorating Diva, LLC


Say good-bye to the traditional stocking. Create new and unanticipated gift containers. I like to create unique, non-traditional stockings by considering the interests or hobbies of the gift recipient. Here are some ideas for the:

  • Foodie – Grab a mixing bowl and fill it to the brim with cookie mix, baking utensils and for the gift card – make it a recipe style.
  • Beach Gal – Fill a roomy beach tote with a fashionable beach hat, sun block, beach flip-flops, two popular chick lit bestsellers and an iPod loaded up with her favorite beach-frolicking tunes.
  • Football Fan – Season tickets, team jersey, subscription to NFL Ticket or Sports Illustrated stowed away in a football shaped box.


Colors such as red, green, silver and gold for holiday décor are steeped in tradition but how about shaking things up?   One fresh twist I love is ornaments in varying shades of the traditional colors. Instead of green, a fresh and tangy lime color. Instead of red, a vibrant hot pink.


Add modern touches to the traditional Christmas tree with unexpected ornaments like mermaids, or contemporary art inspired ornaments.

Adventurous decorating divas may want to consider the upside down Christmas tree – that’s definitely turning traditional holiday style on its head!

Colored Christmas trees in colors ranging from soft pinks to Halloween black and orange to sophisticated silver are a fun interpretation of the traditional evergreen Christmas tree.

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