Al Fresco Elegance Table Setting

Al Fresco Elegance Table Decor | The Decorating Libby Langdon for Liebherr (DIFFA Dining by Design 2012)

Table Setting Design Ingredients for casual, yet refined al fresco dining atmosphere:

  • Furniture: Weathered, patina-finish dining table. Comfortable, contemporary wing chairs for end of table. Fully cushioned dining chairs dressed in exotic ikat upholstery. Tuscan wine bottle inspired chandelier tiered to a charming, aged wood slab. Wall water feature of hammered copper with water cascading gently across river rocks. Crisp white linen drapes flowing from custom crafted wood garden trellis and arbor.
  • Dinnerware: Antiqued silver and white dinner plates and chargers. Traditional silver flatware. Crisp white and silver table napkins with tailored embroidery.
  • Color Palette: Silver, blue, white, golden caramel, gray-blue, black, browns, and greens.
  • Patterns: Ikat, tailored stitching, wood grain, classical squares, lines and paisley.
  • Finishes: Patina,hammered metal, roughened wood, tarnished chains and smooth porcelain.
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