Continental Elegance at Malachite

Carmen NatschkeTimeless Style: Antiques & Vintage

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I love the combination of these striking Gooseneck Bergere peacock blue chairs with gilded ornamentation upholstered in a luxe strie fabric trimmed with brass nail studs juxtaposed with the geometrically-shaped contemporary brass and smoked accent table. Exquisite, elegant and timeless bud and flower vases in brass and stone. The brass lobster reminds me of the decor that graced the cocktail ... Read More

Traditional Modern Style at Shaun Smith Home

Carmen NatschkeInteriors by Design, Timeless Style: Antiques & Vintage

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A chic and eclectic blend of historically rich antiques and elegant contemporary decor combine to create an eye-catching vignette of decorative elements. A harmonious balance between decor from different periods and styles is achieved through the judicious use of color. In this case orange serves as the great design harmonizer that makes this vignette work. Visual interest and depth is ... Read More

Fashion-Inspired Home Decor Textiles from Root Cellar Designs

Carmen NatschkeSpotlight: Decor & Furniture

Fashion-inspired home textiles from Root Cellar Designs. | The Decorating Diva, LLC

I’m delighted to share Root Cellar Designs’ debut collection of fashion-inspired textiles aptly named “Fashion Forward.” Co-founded by friend, fellow Blogtour alumnus, esteemed blogger and New York-based interior designer, Tamara Matthews-Stephenson along with her long-time friend, fashion designer Susan Young, this divine textile collection is unique in its artful blend of traditional and historical fashion design elements with an edgy, contemporary style … Read More

DARA Artisans: Exploring the Enchanting Allure of Artisanal Decor

Carmen NatschkeSpotlight: Decor & Furniture

Photographer and ceramics artist Jim Franco handcrafts evocative pottery. | The Decorating Diva, LLC

In distant and exotic Mali a vat of organic-based Indigo dye has been masterfully mixed using millennia-old recipes. Woven textiles immersed in the tinted broth emerge saturated in monochromatic hues of blue christened with names like “Milky Blue” a barely there blue to “Divine Blue” a blue so dark it’s nearly black.  While in the New York prop studio of … Read More

8 Stunning & Inspiring Interiors: Junior League of High Point Showhouse

Carmen NatschkeInteriors by Design

Color saturated contemporary art loft with lots of glamour touches. | The Decorating Diva, LLC
Contemporary Bohemian chic meets International art collector style in this vibrant, color-saturated, glamorous art gallery haven room design by Holly Hollingsworth Phillips of The English Room. Serene guest room in monochromatic tones of green accented with grays, makes for the perfect retreat from the madcap world. Design by Lance Jackson and David Ecton of Parker Kennedy Living. Tailored romance meets ... Read More

Casual to Formal: 10 Dinnerware Sets for Style Loving Hostesses

Carmen NatschkeDecor by X, Entertaining

Lush tropical inspired dinnerware. | The Decorating Diva, LLC

This winter and spring I had the fantastic opportunity to visit design fairs where the focus was on tabletop and dinnerware collections. After seeing dozens upon dozens of exquisite tableware and serving sets, I was inspired to share my favorites. In this post, I highlight a few that I shared on my Instagram account as I was reporting from the … Read More