Cheryl Clendenon’s Style Maker Look Book: Dream Bath Design


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Designer Notes: Bookcase/fireplace area: 3 inch thick high gloss lacquer shelves with mirror behind them. The fireplaces is a Wittus Fireplace and is flush to the wall.


Designer Notes: Tub is the Ravello from Victoria and Albert and is volcanic limestone. Sinks are from Stone Forest. “Zen” in white bronze.




About Cheryl Clendenon of In Detail

Cheryl is the owner of the Florida-based kitchen,bath and interiors design firm, In Detail. Her award-winning designs have graced the pages of over 50 national consumer magazines. She has won multiple prestigious national design awards for kitchens, baths, and closets. Cheryl’s most recent industry recognition includes being a 2010 National Kitchen and Bath Association design competition finalist and receiving a Merit award in 2010 Kitchen and Bath Business design competition. Read more about Cheryl and her multi-award winning, nationally recognized designs in her recent Spotlight on Design interview.

Design Talk & Look Book Inspiration

This dream bath is created for a woman who works hard and plays hard. A mother, wife, executive professional. Someone who appreciates the finer things in life and although quite busy with work and family, loves to relax in her own space. This is not a family bath! But a bath designed for a woman who wants to luxuriate in a feminine atmosphere, relax, have a glass of wine while bathing or reading. Yes, reading in the bath! I love books and think they give any space instant character and depth. I would have books, and beautiful, meaningful art pieces on the floating shelves. And, fresh contemporary flowers every day.

This really goes against some philosophies ( and really mine too for most of my clients) of streamlining the bath to do your business and get out. I wanted to create a bath that would be so restful and luxurious that you really could escape to it and spend time being a woman and not a busy professional or mom. Sort of harks back to the time when people bathed as an “event” and now, we really do not do this any longer. I think though, that people do want some luxury in the bath. Meaning, even on the smallest budgets you might enjoy a hand-shower or a beautiful sconce or fantastic walls treatments. I spend a lot of my time designing baths and I try to make each one unique in some way even on the smallest of budgets – finding a way to stamp the personality of the homeowner into the space even while addressing the needs of the client.

I have included a very large floor to ceiling window overlooking the beach. ( I live on the beach and it is my dream…so why not??)

I would have ample lighting….but all would be on dimmers and switched differently so that a mood can be created. I put the vanities by the large window because I believe you always need natural light by a vanity!!

This is the bath I would want if I had all the marbles in the world. My husband would just have to deal!

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