Chez Josephine: A study in Sultry, Exotic Dining Room Design

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Decorating Ideas: Sultry dining design at New York's Chez Josephine | The Decorating Diva, LLC

Decorating Ideas: Sultry dining design at New York's Chez Josephine | The Decorating Diva, LLC

Room Decor & Color Inspiration: Chez Josephine, New York City

Chez Josephine, located in New York City’s magnificent theater row, is renowned for its vibrant, warm and inviting atmosphere, lively music, and its delicious French bistro style cuisine. Its decor also captures the swinging, festive and jazzy mood of 1930s’ Paris.

Decorated with rich reds, deep blues, golds, striking greens, exotic furniture pieces, mirrors and chandeliers that leave a memorable mark, and, of course, artwork and theater posters depicting the amazing, talented and inimitable, Josephine Baker –namesake of the restaurant created in her honor by her sons, Jean-Claude and Jarry Baker.

There are three breathtakingly detailed painted exotic wood doors in the upstairs dining room that give the room the feeling that we are thousands of miles away from New York City – having dinner in some faraway exotic and fabulous locale. The velvet wall coverings in rich red and opulent blue give the room and extraordinary depth and warmth.

I was introduced to Chez Josephine by Jamie Gold of Gold Notes author of the design book, New Kitchen Ideas that Work. Jamie had coordinated a fabulous and fun evening at Chez Josephine’s for a group of us who where in New York City to attend fashion week events and shows.

I was so smitten with Chez Josephine’s cuisine, which is absolutely delish, the joyous atmosphere and by the restaurant’s decor that when I returned to New York city in a short few months later to attend the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, I made a point to add dinner with my husband at Chez Josephine to my agenda.