Chic Glass Palace Table Setting

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Icy Glass Palace Table Decor |

Icy Glass Palace Table Decor | Stefan Beckman for Coca Cola Table Setting (DIFFA Dining by Design 2011).

Table Setting Design Ingredients for chilly, eco-chic glass palace dinner party theme:

  • Furniture: Long glass table with iced, shimmering stone table top finish composed of recycled glass materials. White dining chairs, with one red chair. Recycled green glass orbs transformed into a unique lighting fixture.
  • Dinnerware: Dinner plates created from recycled soda bottles. Empty soda bottles (every 4th or 5th contains a floral bloom) for a linear centerpiece that extends from one end of the table to the other.
  • Color Palette: White, red, and soda-bottle green.
  • Patterns: Bubbled glass and cracked ice.
  • Finishes: Soft translucency associated with pure ice.