Color Palette Inspired by Renoir’s Mademoiselle Sicot Painting

Carmen NatschkeArtful Consideration

Decorating Color Scheme based on Renoir

Decorating Color Scheme based on Renoir's Mme Sicot Portrait | TheDecoratingDiva.comThis decorative room color scheme is inspired by Auguste Renoir’s famed portraiture of Mademoiselle Sicot which offers a rich and feminine color palette of soft purple, verdant green, and warm gray, accented with touches of black, gold and wine. (Pantone color guide inspired by Renoir’s artwork: Pantone 7445 C, Pantone Warm Gray 8 C, Pantone 112 C, Pantone 554 C, Pantone 7645 C, and Pantone Black 6 C.)

Artwork Details: Mademoiselle Sicot (1865), an oil on canvas, portrait by Renoir is part of the exquisite Chester Dale collection that was on exhibit at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC from 2010 through 2012.