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image There’s little, one would think, that could bring tears to the eyes of tough as nails, diplomatic powerhouse, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. But the designing duo of Rob Brown and Todd Davis, of  the Washington DC and Miami Beach, Florida based design firm Brown Davis Interiors, Inc., did just that when they designed the Washington DC home of the former President and First Lady. Hillary was overjoyed with their design acumen and those tears of joy were the beginning of a relationship between the Clintons and the two globe-trotting design principals of Brown Davis Interiors which included design projects for  the Clintons’ home in Chappaqua, New York and then Senator Clinton’s congressional office in Washington DC.

With former President Bill Clinton as the keynote speaker at this year’s Las Vegas Market, it made perfect design sense to bring back the dynamic team that created the interior of Bill’s beloved Chappaqua home to participate in LUXE magazine’s “Tradition meets Modern” design panel discussion. The idea behind the panel discussion centered on the concept of virtually redesigning two rooms at the White House. LUXE magazine approached Todd and Rob with the idea to conceptualize what the Teddy Roosevelt Green Room and the President’s bedroom would look like if they were to be designed today.  Todd explains, “We did two versions of each room one shown during the the day and one rendering to illustrate the room in the evening.  We changed all the architecture and since Washington DC is an “issues” town we, added recycled or “green” conscious vintage furniture or items newly made in the US.  We also added lots of 21st century technology to reflect current times like LED green colored glass walls in the Green Room and a wall of TV screens in the President’s bedroom.”


Brown Davis Interiors, Inc. computer rendering of President’s Bedroom (Daytime).


Brown Davis Interiors, Inc. computer rendering of President’s Bedroom (Evening).

The computer renderings done for LUXE magazine’s “Tradition meets Modern” design panel discussion are but one of many examples of the elegant, warm, serene, sophisticated and luxurious interiors that set Brown Davis Interiors apart from other design firms. Rob and Todd have perfected the art of creating truly couture interiors and both designers consider their “design work to be bespoke”.  Todd likens this intimate approach to the idea of going “to Paris to have a dress made, it’s made just for you from the color to the cut to the fabric. In a sense, Brown Davis creates interior design couture for our clients.“

Brown Davis’ design couture philosophy is well-illustrated in their luxurious Venetian Islands, Florida residence, Villa Nirvana. Rob and Todd started with a contemporary stark, all-white house with sharp angles and transformed it into a sophisticated, inviting and warm home that reflects Todd and Rob’s personal style.

image173 Design Notes: The painting is by Jason Martin and the chandelier by Brand von Egmond.  The table is all brass circa 1970s Italian. The chairs are vintage Milo Baughman.

Villa Nirvana’s light-filled dining room was inspired by the Brown Davis teams’ desire “to create a whimsical and elegant dining space in a very modern home”. The room is anchored by a geometric patterned red area rug that creates a beautiful counter-balance to the strong black wall. The repetitive interpretation of the square and rectangular patterns found in the rug, wall, paintings and table evoke a tranquility that is often associated with a well structured and organized setting, yet the room never feels uptight or suffocating in its homage to order. Brown Davis masterfully balances the need for visual order with the undeniable human need for warmth through the introduction of the organically shaped chandelier that in its very shape rebels against the imposed structure, and the dining chairs that beckon the visitor to sit and enjoy an evening filled with delicious food, delightful company and hours of laughter and memorable conversations.

image143 Design Notes: The turquoise painting is by Jason Martin, the black and white prints (far left ) by Donald Batchelor and the photograph of Barbara Streisand is by Lawrence Schiller.

The designing duos’ living room was inspired by “1970s” comfort and sexy glamour interpreted for Miami Beach 2011.”  The softness of the feminine design elements (white linen sofa, couture black drapes, and upholstered ottoman/table) in combination with the masculine design forces in the room (strong architectural lines, black leather chairs, and glass and metal coffee table) blend to create a classic, sophisticated and comfortable environment.

image Villa Nirvana Foyer.

Visitors to Villa Nirvana are greeted in the foyer with a dramatic, winding staircase with polished teak steps set against pure white creating a strong visual contrast and aptly defined by the owners as “sculptural art”.   The designers “chose a mix of white and black walls to display art including the bold, red, Jason Martin.”

image203 Master Bedroom

The master bedroom with striking views looking out onto the shimmering blue waters of Miami’s Biscayne Bay is designed with the perfect balance of sophisticated glamor and tailored elegance. Rob and Todd’s goal for the bedroom “ was to infuse a cold modern space with color and sophistication.”

Original article, “Couture Interiors by Design”,  published in New York Spaces magazine (September 2011).

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