5 Decor Pieces that Prove Luxury Design is in the Details

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Luxury home decor and furniture from Marge Carson. | The Decorating Diva, LLC

Luxurious dressmaker embellishments, elegant braided trim, exquisite nailhead details and bejeweled upholstery buttons are but a few of the many beautiful and eye catching details that grace the furniture and decor on the Marge Carson showroom floor. I’ve long held the belief that when the small things, the details, are done right then I can be confident that everything else … Read More

7 Art & Fashion Inspired Luxury Ceramic Tiles from Aparici

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Artistic inspiration in wall tiles. Mosaic pottery shards in traditional patterns and colors. | The Decorating Diva, LLC
One of the most popular installation of wall tiles at Cevisama 2015 was Spanish luxury tile maker Aparici's eye-catching wall vignette composed of various Pop/Art gloss ceramic tiles. Potentially one of the prettiest mosaic-style/pottery shards inspired wall tile collections I've seen in a very long time. When I look at this tile installation, each piece reminds me of individual seashells ... Read More

8 Home Decor Products Rocking 2015/2016 Design Trends

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TREND: Artisan/Craftsman. Roji iron teapots illustrate Japanese metalworking tradition set in a modern decor style and aesthetic. TREND: Painterly Appeal. Modern art meets the modern table! Colorful abstract art patterns grace the dinnerware and tabletop collection from Glockler designed by Maxwell Williams. TREND: Mixed Materials. Stelton glasses gracefully wrapped in copper ribbons. TREND: Painterly Appeal. Kahla dinnerware sporting artful watercolor ... Read More

A Gift of Light: Sunset Over the Miami Beach Art Deco District

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Starlite hotel Art Deco district Miami Beach. | Carmen Maria Natschke CMNmedia/The Decorating Diva. LLC

An early evening stroll amongst the iconic architectural structures that comprise the famed Art Deco district of Miami Beach yields exquisite vintage postcard scenes of hotels and restaurants set against a watercolor-inspired sky awash in the soft, golden tones of the setting sun and accented with subtle hints of blues and greens. Cross-posted from Carmen Maria Natschke|CMNmedia.