Cobalt Designs – Creative Metalworking: 2015 Ambiente Talents Loft

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One of the shining stars of Ambiente Talents’ Loft was the young designer, Valay Gada -who deftly translates centuries old traditions into fresh, contemporary interpretations that pay homage to Nature’s organic shapes and structures.  With degrees in Fashion and Accessory Design, and English Literature, coupled with a strong interest in art, Valay launched Cobalt Designs in 2012. His unique and artful approach to product … Read More

IKEA’s Clever Tribute to Everyday Household Heroes that Make Life Better

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IKEA WAll Hook #everydayhero campaign. | The Decorating Diva, LLC

As in the past, IKEA has proven itself quite skillful at showcasing the extraordinary cast of household characters that make our everyday lives that much better – items like clothes hangers, supple bath mats, toilet paper dispensers, soap dishes, wall hooks, toilet cleaning brushes and so much more. We take these simple, yet effective tools for granted. Every day we use them … Read More

Bright Collaboration: Peronda & MUT Design Introduce Neon “Scales” Ceramics

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Peronda & MUT Design "Scales" Porcelain Wall Tiles with Neon Color Edges. | The Decorating Diva, LLC

Triggering memories of the late 80s’ fluorescent and neon inspired fashion and beauty craze, the ceramic wall tiles, “Scales,” a collaborative design project between luxury Spanish tile-maker Peronda’s Fashion Lab Harmony brand and edgy design studio MUT wowed the crowds at Cevisama 2015. The design motivation for this intriguing, innovative and artful ceramic tile collection was to replicate the striking luminescence … Read More

Lord Wall Tile Collection from Grespania Ceramics at Cevisama 2015

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There were so many gorgeous tile collections in Grespania Ceramica’s exhibit booth that it made it a bit of a challenge to narrow down my favorite to one collection. But, as cliched as this may be, the opulent Lord porcelain collection had me at “hello.” I didn’t even have a chance to enter the booth before I fell under its spell of … Read More

Marrakesh Bazaar Inspired Textiles: Mat the Basics Showroom Tour

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Middle Eastern & North African Textiles & Rugs from Mat the Basics. 220 elm HPMKT fall 2014. | The Decorating Diva, LLC

A lush and exotic bazaar of artisan textiles from splendid rugs to stylish tribal and geometrically patterned decorative pillows in sumptuous textures, and rich hues complement upholstered contemporary furniture dressed in exquisitely elegant fabrics. (Mat the Basics)

Design is Storytelling: BoConcept’s “The Call” with Mads Mikkelsen

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Distilled to its very essence design is all about storytelling.  Like a great book that has you flipping pages unable to pull away from the story as the hands of time circle around advancing as the day does, or a film with a story-line that emotionally hooks you and refuses to let go, great design can also possess that spellbinding power. … Read More