Living Room Decorating: Cozy Coffee Table Decor

Warm traditional coffee table decor and room in red and taupe. All furniture from Julie Browning Bova Equestrian Collection. | The Decorating Diva, LLC

As I’ve written before, furniture and decorative accessory showrooms and stores are a fountain of education and inspiration for those of us who love to decorate. For this post I’m sharing a photo I took a few years ago that illustrates the time-tested principles of displaying collections at home.

WHY I LOVE IT:  This warm and inviting room vignette features an attractive coffee table top décor arrangement that you can easily replicate for your coffee table at home.  I’m a huge fan of mixing and matching design elements from across styles and periods as shown here, but the key to making it all works so beautifully is to have a common thread that runs through the collection. In this set, the colors red and blue and the neutral metallic silver  (I’m a firm believer that all metal colors can serve as neutrals, and the same goes for green – another favorite neutral, in my opinion.) work together to give the decorative table top a cohesive look. Also notice the harmonious use of differing heights, and the combination of finishes from the shiny metal tray and flower vase to the smooth porcelain jar to the sparkling crystal and the organically rough texture of the fruit bowl adding visual drama to the table which keeps the eye from getting bored.

WHERE I SAW IT: Spotted at the High Point Furniture Market in the Stanford Furniture showroom – home of the lovely equestrian-inspired Julie Bova furniture and décor collection.  This photo shows several pieces from Julie’s debut collection,