Decorative Ceramics Charm at Tendence 2012

Lindform ceramics with dragonfly and flower motifs. | The Decorating Diva, LLCDesigner/Firm: LindformHouse of Rym colorful organic ceramic tableware pottery | The Decorating Diva, LLCDesigner/Firm: House of RymBlue and Green Sushi Dining Set from ceramic artist Anne Black | The Decorating Diva, LLCDesigner/Firm: Anne BlackForest animal themed dinner ware and plates from Jeanette Gebauer | The Decorating Diva, LLC Designer/Firm: Jeanette GebauerFishnet stocking inspired tableware in rich blue and striking white from Olga Bielwska | The Decorating Diva, LLCDesigner/Firm: Olga Bielwska * Ambiente TALENTS designer Mark Braun Delights with Bold Orange Colored Ceramic Bowls | The Decorating Diva, LLC Designer/Firm: Mark Braun *Ambiente TALENTS designer Lara Strasser lace-inspired porcelain dinnerware. | The Decorating Diva, LLC Designer/Firm: Laura Strasser *Whimsical Meta Interpretation: Vase of Vases by Eva Aebi | The Decorating Diva, LLC Designer/Firm: Eva AebiDelft Pottery reinterpreted in contemporary vase by Carla Peters for Wonderables | The Decorating Diva, LLC Designer/Firm: Wonderables by Carla PetersSimplicity and elegance denote each piece of Peppa Grace's Blue & White Ceramics Collections | The Decorating Diva, LLC Designer/Firm: Peppa Grace

* – One of 40  talented and innovative up and coming designers from 11 countries selected for Talents ( The Messe Frankfurt program focused on highlighting talented young designers from all over the world.) at Tendence 2012.

At the Decorating Diva, we believe that creating beautiful home interiors, that resonate on a very personal level, is heavily influenced and shaped by our experiences and exposure to a multitude of inspirations from travel to art to architecture to fashion to beauty to interior design and to those everyday moments that give us pause and takes our breath away.Our mission is to share those beautiful inspirations from the worlds of design, lifestyle, everyday life and travel with you – to share those diverse sparks of creative inspiration and perspective that will undoubtedly ignite, fuel and continuously nurture your inner decorating diva as you embark on creating the home of your dreams – either with the help of a professional interior designer or on your own.