DEKTON by Cosentino: Innovating How We Think of Surface Materials

Last year, during the Kitchen and Bath Show (KBIS) the brilliant engineering minds at Cosentino (You may know them for another wonderful surface material, Silestone.) gave the Blogtour New Orleans team a sneak peek at the new and groundbreaking surface material DEKTON that they had developed.  The entire Blogtour team was immediately smitten with the beauty of the product, and quite a few designers in the group were swooning with lust at the thought of using this new surfacing material in their kitchen, bath, interiors and outdoor design projects. I,  too, was taken by the luxe, and very sexy appeal of DEKTON, but deep down the product truly appealed to my inner geek (sometimes the engineer in me surfaces at the sight of brilliantly engineered and designed products).

dekton by cosentino kitchen counter surface trend spotted at Rifra Eurocucina | The Decorating Diva, LLC

DEKTON counter at Euro Cucina 2014. A Decorating Diva Design Trend for 2015 in Kitchen and Bath.

The Science of DEKTON Surfaces

Cosentino’s DEKTON hard material is the result of tens of thousands of hours of research and development, and an investment of $172 million in order to create a man-made substance that is equal, and some may say superior, to natural stone.  According to Cosentino they were inspired to pursue the development of DEKTON in an attempt to synthesize the process in which stones are created by nature,  “In nature, metamorphic stone takes thousands of years of heat and pressure to form. With DEKTON, Cosentino has cut this process down to four hours. Made from the same inorganic substances as glass, quartz, and porcelain, DEKTON is created through a proprietary technique called Particle Sintering, in which the raw materials are compacted using a 25,000-ton press.” Yes, you read that correctly – a 25,000 ton press used in conjunction with a nearly 600ft oven. And, the need for such a gigantic and powerful press and oven was one of the reasons Cosentino found themselves building an entirely new manufacturing center at their headquarters in Cantoria, Spain. Exerting such tremendous pressure is one of the keys of creating what Cosentino states is, “an entirely new type of artificial material, dubbed an “ultra-compact surface,” that is resistant to impact, scratching, and abrasion. It can also withstand thermal shock from frequent freezes and thaws, and has high color stability due to its UV- and water-resistant properties.” And, if this is too geeky for you, here’s the real beauty of DEKTON and the process used to create it – this hard surface material is extraordinarily versatile and can be used indoors, outdoors and as cladding on buildings. DEKTON breaks with all limiting boundaries set by other materials. It is a dream come true for designers and architects who can now specify flooring, walls and counters (Really, I am finding it hard to think of what can’t be dressed in DEKTON.) using the same surface material (with only a variation in thickness dependent on use). For outdoors, it gets even better since color-infused DEKTON can not fade. Truly a dream product from a scientific and engineering perspective, and a versatile and powerful design tool in architects’and designers’ toolboxes.

The Versatility of DEKTON Hard Surface

The Cosentino DEKTON surface is available in a large slab format (320cm x 144cm/ 126inches x 57inches)  in the following thicknesses (8mm, 2cm and 3cm/.34inches, .79inches, 1.2inches) and comes in several colors and textures. According to Cosentino, DEKTON  offers designers and architects, “…infinite design possibilities. It can be manufactured in colours identical to wood, rust, natural stone, concrete, metal, and solid colours. It is available in a vast variety of textures, such as rippled, leather, denim, slate, brushed or coated.”

DEKTON cladding on this home's exterior. | The Decorating Diva, LLC

DEKTON cladding on this home’s exterior.


DEKTON used on home's exterior walls, floors and patio roof structure. | The Decorating Diva, LLC

DEKTON used on home’s exterior walls, floors and patio roof structure.

DEKTON materials used on bathroom floor. | The Decorating Diva, LLC

DEKTON materials used on bathroom floor.

Disclosure:  All opinions expressed in this post are all my own.  The trip to Venice and Milan with BlogTour Milan was made possible by the generous sponsorship provided by BLANCO America,Gessi, Clever Storage by Kesseboehmer, Dekton by Cosentino, the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) and Modenus.