Delighting the Senses with Great Design


What Inspires Me:It is difficult to express the incredible pleasure I derive daily from this utilitarian combination of three things: a Heath Ceramics ramekin, Maldon Sea Salt Flakes, and a Jonathan Wild Cherry Spoon.  Each of them is handmade perfection; the ramekin a thrill to the touch, the salt a delight to the tongue and the spoon a visual joy.  There is such obvious pride and care put into the making of these objects that I am inspired to work at my own craft with an equal commitment to excellence.” – Nancie Mills Pipgras


nancie-pipgras-portrait-crop[7] Nancie Mills Pipgras is the Editor of Mosaic Art NOW, an online publication devoted to the very best in contemporary mosaic art and thought.  An unabashed promoter of the art form, Mills Pipgras is a former president of the Society of American Mosaic Artists and has been dubbed “The Mosaic Maven” by  Join the mosaic conversation on Facebook, Twitter and Flipboard.

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