Design Miami 2008 Highlights Part Two: Bursts of Color and Style Collisions

Carmen NatschkeTo the Trade: Design Shows & Events

Design Miami 2008 Albion Gallery The Campana Brothers
Campana Brothers design miami 2008 Albion Gallery

Campana Brothers at the Albion Gallery Exhibit Booth.

Contrasts Gallery at Design Miami 2008 XYZ Designs lighting

Chandeliers from XYZ Designs at the Contrasts Gallery Exhibit Booth.

Rick Owens Stag collection for Jousse Enterprise at Design Miami 2008

Jousse Enterprise presents Rick Owen’s Stag Benches and Table Basse.

Priveekollektie Alexander Pelikan and Kranen Gille at Design Miami 2008
Priveekollektie showcases the “Cliclounger set Miami” designed by Alexander Pelikan and the “Fredersen/Miami” wingchair by Joe Kranen and Johannes Gille.
Matthew Marks Gallery at Design Miami 2008 Roy McMakin Furniture

Matthew Marks Gallery Roy McMakin Domestic Furniture.