Design Preview: Design Miami/ 2012 Pavilion

Snarkitecture Drift Pavilion DM/2012 | Rendering of New York based design firm, Snarkitecture’s tent architecture for Design Miami/ 2012 – aptly named Drift Pavilion.

The concept for developing this structure that marries science, design, art, nature and emotion is explained, “Approached by inflatable structure manufacturer Inflate, Snarkitecture’s Alex Mustonen and Daniel Arsham were inspired to reimagine the material of the familiar white vinyl tent, via a large-scale tubular landscape. Incorporating their reductive design methodology, the studio sought to create an unexpected moment of exploration for visitors entering and exiting the fair.”

Side View: Snarkitecture Drift Pavilion DM/2012 |

The designers’ vision for the Design Miami/ 2012 pavilion was to welcome visitors to “ a floating environment comprised of massive inflatable tubes, resembling a topographical landscape in suspension: an ascending mountain above and an excavated cavern below.

The cascading cylinders of Drift lift to create paths of circulation around hanging stalactite forms, providing visitors with a meandering gateway to the fair. Apertures in the canopy above frame views of the Miami sky and allow sunlight into the shaded pavilion. Filtered light passes between the tubes of the excavated cavern, creating a space at the confluence of interaction, conversation and contemplation.”

Design Fair Dates:  Design Miami/ 2012, the global forum for design will take place for the third consecutive year in Miami Beach, Florida from December 5th through December 9th.

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