Design Retrospective: Design Miami/ 2011

LOOKING BACK:Design Miami/ 2011 – Top 3 Highlights

 Design Miami/ 2011’s Most Memorable Design: Illuminated Beauty

Organic Shaped Light Vine | Organic Vine Shaped Light Fixture |

Blown Glass Detail | Masterful light sculptures mimicking natures’ vines with blown glass bulbs as the delicate vine blooms.(Gallery: R20th Century)Floral Tatooed Chair | (2) Circular “tattooed” sofa combines traditional and more gritty street design elements to create an interesting visual design tension. ( Gallery: Carpenters Workshop )Color Block Rug | (3) Color block (metallic gold, fuchsia and red) textile covering – can be used as a rug or hung as art on the wall.  ( Gallery: Cristina Grajales )