Designer Jill Seidner’s Favorite Holiday Champagne Cocktail Recipe

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Kitchen1 Kitchen design by Jill Seidner Interior Design.Kitchen2

Los Angeles based interior designer and contributing writer to the popular design blog, “Material Girls Blog”, Jill Seidner shares her favorite holiday beverage drink recipe –Champagne and Pomegranate Cocktail– along with photos of one of her favorite kitchen design projects from her design portfolio (pictured above).


About Jill Seidner

JSIDMGLogoJill Seidner is a graduate of the Interior & Environmental Design Program at UCLA.She has over ten years of experience working freelance for top interior designers in Los Angeles (including past celebrity clients).  In 2007, Jill started her own design firm, Jill Seidner Interior Design, and has since taken on a range of interior design projects. Jill is the Los Angeles contributor to the popular design blog, Material Girls Blog.

Jill’s Los Angeles & Orange County,California based interior design firm specializes in commercial and residential interior design projects. In addition, Jill’s firm provides on site design consultations (for specialty needs such as color consultations and space planning), and virtual interior design services including an affordable complete room design package.