Table Settings Redux

Figuring out if the salad fork goes on this side or that side, where to put the soup spoon, dessert plate, champagne glass, or whether or not to put out the coffee cup and saucer can give anyone a headache. The recommend table settings for a formal dinner affair is depicted below. Depending on the type of dinner that will be served you may not need all the flatware shown in the illustration below. The same goes for the stemware.

dinner table setting

(A)Serviette (napkin) (B)Service plate (C)Soup bowl on plate (D)Bread and butter plate with butter knife (E)Water glass (F)White wine (G)Red wine (H)Fish fork (I)Dinner Fork (J)Salad fork (K)Service knife (L)Fish knife (M)Soup spoon (N)Dessert spoon and cake fork

Decorating Diva Hint: To avoid a cluttered table and guests elbowing each other, allow 24″ to 30″ for each setting. Place settings should be 1″ from the edge of the table. I also prefer to bring out the coffee cups and saucers after the main dinner plates have been removed – just in time for dessert. Otherwise you may find that your table may be a bit overcrowded.

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