Doryn Wallach Design

Kitchen  Photo: Kitchen

Kitchen banquette, filled with colorful pillows, opens up to a cozy family room.

 Living Room

Photo: Living Room

Sleek and modern grey couches in the living room are an interesting counterpoint to the rough, natural stone fireplace.

Sitting Area Master Bedroom Photo: Sitting Area Master Bedroom
A reading nook in the master bedroom in front of the room’s fireplace
 Living Room

Photo: Living Room
A dramatic lighting fixture and lots of accessories can make any room instantly stylish

Bathroom – Black & White Design

Photo: Bathroom – Black & White Design

Be bold with patterned wallpaper in your bathroom, but keep other accents simple and let the wall treatment be the center of attention

 image Photo: Sitting Room 

A mirrored custom television cabinet opens up a small cozy sitting room off a master bedroom.

About Doryn Wallach of Doryn Wallach Design

doryn wallach of Doryn Wallach Design New York based interior designer, Doryn Wallach,  specializes in residential and commercial spaces, both large and small.  Her forte is mixing styles and materials to achieve a stylish, comfortable environment by mixing traditional with contemporary, using bursts of vibrant color as focal points, and employing interesting, unexpected treatments that are visually exciting.  Working closely with her clients,  Doryn is extremely adept at helping  them articulate what they truly want in an environment, and to keep the design current yet timeless.

From concept to completion,  Doryn is able to create a beautiful, functional space with a minimum of hassle, overseeing every detail for the client, and making that transition seamless and painless.

A veteran of several upscale design firms,  Doryn also did a stint at the Emmy-winning TV series, EXTREME MAKEOVER: HOME EDITION

At the Decorating Diva, we believe that creating beautiful home interiors, that resonate on a very personal level, is heavily influenced and shaped by our experiences and exposure to a multitude of inspirations from travel to art to architecture to fashion to beauty to interior design and to those everyday moments that give us pause and takes our breath away.Our mission is to share those beautiful inspirations from the worlds of design, lifestyle, everyday life and travel with you – to share those diverse sparks of creative inspiration and perspective that will undoubtedly ignite, fuel and continuously nurture your inner decorating diva as you embark on creating the home of your dreams – either with the help of a professional interior designer or on your own.