Eleanor Moreton

While attending the New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) Art Fair at the renowned Deauville hotel in Miami Beach last December, I found myself mesmerized by three paintings created by artist, Eleanor Moreton – one of four artists in the exhibit “Four Women” curated by Jack Hanley Gallery – and wanted to learn more about her and her artwork.

The artist, Eleanor Moreton, commenting on the painted queens series, “I’ve done lots of queen paintings. They are also a site for a similar struggle where I want to break through. I want to make paintings of women where they are actually shouting. The queen paintings are not always queens, they are all sorts of women and making them break through and make some impact is hard; it doesn’t go with my character to do that. I have a tendency to want to keep faces out of paintings and I used a modernist device, the mask, to do what masks are for, which is to make an impact, to speak. Perhaps we need a mask in order to speak out. ” – from Eleanor’s interview with Articulated Artists.

image Painting: Bet/h I with Crown, 24 x 30 cms, Oil on canvas (2009)

According to Jack Hanley Gallery, ”…Eleanor Moretonʼs paintings call into question the relationship of authoritative women and symbolic masculine attire. She seamlessly glosses together polemic historical images to create new potentials.”


Art and Design critic, Robert Clark of The Guardian has said of Eleanor’s artwork, “Eleanor Moreton’s paintings verge so dangerously on being downright bad, I suspect they might be very good indeed.”

image Painting: Bet/h I, III, 24 x 30 cms, Oil on canvas (2009)

CommentArt.com excavates the superficial, visual aspects of Eleanor’s artwork to find the underlying essence,  “There are a number of themes which run through Eleanor Moreton’s work. These themes reflect her interest in psychoanalysis and gender, in history and literature. What links them is a commitment to the imaginary, the fictional and a preoccupation with the way the images of the imagination become paintings.”