Presidential Architecture: Obama/Romney Debate at Lynn University

While the politically diametrically opposed Democratic incumbent, President Obama and the Republican challenger, Governor Mitt Romney make their respective cases for election to the American people,  I’ve found something both candidates seem to find agreement on. Holding their third and final debate, on October 22nd, at the magnificent architectural masterpiece, The Keith C. & Elaine Johnson Wold Performing Arts Center at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida, designed by Newman Architects of New Haven, Connecticut. According to Kevin M. Ross, President of Lynn University, “When members of the Commission on Presidential Debates initially visited to evaluate the University as a possible site for the presidential debate, they commented on that they could make this already beautiful space look magnificent on television.” I enjoy following politics and was already looking forward to this last debate, but this time it will be different, it will be more than just politics – it will marry my fascination with politics, and my intense passion for beautiful architecture.

Keith C. & Elaine Johnson World Performing Arts Center at Lynn University 1 | TheDecoratingDiva.comExterior of the Performing Arts Center at Lynn University.

Keith C. & Elaine Johnson World Performing Arts Center at Lynn University 2 | TheDecoratingDiva.comThe structure’s exterior shell is made of pre-cast tilt-up concrete panels, and cast on the site.

Keith C. & Elaine Johnson World Performing Arts Center at Lynn University 3 | TheDecoratingDiva.comInterior of the Performing Arts Center at Lynn University.

Designed for socialization:  The 750-seat auditorium was developed to minimize the distance of the farthest seat from the stage. All seats are connected to the stage enabling engagement of the audience and performers in a shared excitement and immediacy. Specially engineered concaved wood paneling contributes to the superb acoustics within the the auditorium.

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