Luxury Linen Care – Washing Fine Linens and Bedding

When you purchased your luxury linens you made an investment in quality materials. To protect your investment we recommend that you use the following laundering guidelines for washing your fine linens and bedding.

Before You Start
Always wash your luxury linens and bedding separate from all other items of clothing. If there is embroidery or other finery on your linens, place those linens in a lingerie bag, before washing them.

Water Temperature & Detergent
Use cold or warm water in the gentle cycle. Do not use bleach ,even on your white linens. An oxygen cleaner would be appropriate. Bleach will “eat” the fibers of your fine linens and luxury bedding. Bleach also can “burn” yellow stains into your lovely linens.

Drying your Linens & Bedding
Do not use the high setting on your dryer. Use the low and fluff setting. It will take longer to dry but it is the best for your fine linens. Too much heat will dry out the fibers and cause breakage over time. I recommend taking the linens out 5 to 10 minutes before the dry cycle is completed. This helps reduce wrinkles and minimizes the chances of “over drying”.

The Finishing Touches
You may iron your fine linens, so that they are fresh and new every time you slide into bed. My favorite treat is to launder my fine linens with the Good Home Company Lavender Detergent and Lavender Laundry Fragrance and then following up with the Good Home Co. Lavender Ironing Spray during ironing. To finish, I spritz Lavender Sheet Spray, also from the Good Home Company. It feels great against my skin and helps me sleep peacefully. (TIP: Lavender, helps relax and induce sleep!)

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