Frosty Eco-Chic Table Setting

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Frosty Eco-chic Table Decorations |

Frosty Eco-chic Table Decorations | TheDecoratingDiva.comEric Corey Freed for Liebherr Table Setting (DIFFA Dining by Design 2011).

 Table Setting Design Ingredients for modern and colorful ice place dinner party theme:

  • Furniture: Long slab of elegantly sparkling translucent counter top securely anchored to custom designed table base. Sparse picnic style bench seating. Cut-out lighting pendant in vibrant Sun yellow.
  • Dinnerware: Common white dinner plates. Neon bright table napkins. Frosty stemware. Wooden flatware with a smooth, matte finish.
  • Color Palette: Frozen blues and whites, neon blue, neon orange, cobalt blue, neon yellow and neutral tones.
  • Patterns: Only in countertop – sparkling “gems” frozen in glass.
  • Finishes: Frost, shimmer, and matte.