Having Fun: Indulge Your Creativity


What Inspires Me:We have a lot of fun in our studio coming up with a variety of finishes and patinas for mirrors.  One company that inspires us is Modello Designs – they create amazing patterns and typography that lets us run rampant with our creativity for our clients and their one-of-a-kind mirrors.  From a clean, contemporary graphic to an exotic pattern, they allow us to use ornamental designs to convey so much more than a regular mirror would. We love Modello Designs for this innovative concept of one-time use vinyl stencils that they offer both artists and designers – you can choose from their incredible stock of patterns or customize your own design and/or logo in relatively any size.  Perfect!

The above photo illustrates the work we created for a client who wanted a very pretty, feminine and gold leafed lined oval damask design for her bath and vanity space. The client loved it and the unexpected gobo effects produced by the sun on the walls, too. “ – Regina Garay


Regina Garay HSRegina Garay, along with her brother Jason Rosales, owns a decorative painting company in Orlando, Florida called Garay Artisans. They specialize in specialty finishes and antique and ornamental mirror patinas.  They have twice won national awards for their work in both hospitality and residential projects.  She writes the Fauxology blog to help share ideas and tips on both decorative finishing and design. Follow Regina’s musings on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.