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The High Point Market ( @hpmarketnews ) and the collaborative online community Decor Mentor ( @decormentor ) founded by designer Lisa Ferguson are co-hosting the popular global Twitter Chat from 6PM to 7PM EST on Wednesday, March 20th, which will preview new products for the upcoming spring show, April 20-25, 2013.

The following Decor Mentor ambassadors:

will curate a collection of their top picks on the March 20th High Point Spring Market Twitter Preview Chat ( using the official High Point Market hashtag #hpmkt). The ambassadors will also discuss new trends, Market tips, and events.

We asked Cheminne Taylor-Smith , vice president of Marketing at High Point Market Authority, to share a little bit more on this exciting new program for exhibitors and buyers.

Could you share with our readers what they can expect from the March 20th High Point Preview Twitter Chat? And how it will help make their trip to the spring 2013 High Point Market more effective and efficient.

Cheminne Taylor-Smith: The High Point Market Twitter Chat is a fast-paced preview of products, events, and news about the upcoming show. We are so lucky to have Decor Mentor as our partner in the event – they curate the products that they like from the submissions. It helps narrow down the hundreds of photos we receive. We’d love to show every product on Twitter, but with just an hour, it’s impossible. That’s why we added the Pinterest component, too. Every product submission will be available on our Twitter Chat board, which will allow Market attendees to take their time, look over the products that interest them, and to write down the companies that they want to see. We will, of course, include the showroom numbers.

How many products will be picked from the submissions?

Cheminne Taylor-Smith: Each Mentor selects 3-5 pieces that they like, so that will be up to 30 selections with the number of mentors we have this time.

Will these products be curated in an exhibit/vignette at the April High Point Market? If so, where will it be located?

Cheminne Taylor-Smith: No, that would be tough for the exhibitors to do. Many times, we have small companies here and they usually only have one sample. They would want to have that in their showroom, of course. We do, however, have an idea for October that will allow us to showcase these products at Market in a cool and new way.

Will the Pinterest board also contain location information for where the products can be found at HPMKT and links to the product vendor’s websites?

Cheminne Taylor-Smith: Absolutely, we want everyone to be able to find these companies as quickly as possible. To that end, I would encourage everyone to also use our MyMarket planning tool that can be found on the High Point Market website. It allows you to add exhibitors and events to your plan, to sort them by building, shuttle stop and/or day, and to make your visit here as efficient as possible.

How can exhibiting vendors submit their products for inclusion in the Preview Chat?

Cheminne Taylor-Smith:  High Point Market exhibitors are invited to submit photos of their new April introductions to editorial@highpointmarket.org by 5pm (ET) Thursday, March 14. Submissions are limited to 2 photos per company.

All product photos submitted for the chat will be featured on a Sneak Peek pinboard on the High Point Market’s Pinterest page. The Decor Mentor curated selections will also be posted to a Pinterest board. A link to all of the Pinterest boards will be posted on Twitter throughout the chat.


  • What: High Point Spring Market Twitter Preview Chat
  • When: March 20th, 2013 from 6:00PM to 7:00PM EST
  • Where: Twitter (Hashtag to follow: #hpmkt )
  • Follow the chat hosts on twitter: @hpmarketnews and @decormentor.

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