Holiday Decoration: Creating an Experience

Christmas Decorations Vinoy Grand Hall | TheDecoratingDiva.comGrand Hall at the Legendary Vinoy Resort

The Vinoy Resort in Saint Petersburg, Florida is a sparkling gem in a glittering jewelry box of divine Marriott Renaissance properties. That captivating sparkle is even more evident during the holiday season. At which time the Renaissance Vinoy decks the halls with divine holiday decorations. As noted in the above photo: the Vinoy’s grand hall is decorated in a classically inspired holiday color scheme of reds, white and golden tones. The elegant Christmas tree, sitting atop an antique rug of red and gold patterns, is gracefully dressed in gold and red ornaments, and lit with golden-tone lights which creates a wonderful focal point in the grand hall. The beautifully, yet restrained holiday ornamentation adds to the majesty of the soaring,arched ceiling of the grand hall and brings the eye up to the enchanting rustic chandeliers. Visiting the Vinoy during the holiday season is simply a magical experience and a visual feast.

You can create the same wonderful, holiday experience at home using decoration and color. It’s actually quite easy.

  • Define the theme/experience you wish to create.
  • Determine the decorations and color scheme that best suit that theme and, more importantly, that appeals to you.
  • Study other holiday decoration implementations. Great places for holiday design inspiration: Pinterest, decorating blogs, magazines, window displays,  holiday design show houses, hotel lobbies and Google images.
  • Create a mood board (Which in its very essence is a visual plan of the design and color direction you want to pursue.). Lately, I’ve been partial to online mood board tool ‘Olioboard’ for creating design boards. At this time you may also want to create a floor plan – if you plan on decorating on a large scale like the Vinoy did.
  • Obtain the decorations and implement the design.
  • Oh, and don’t forget to take before and after photos – even some during the process, if you’re so inclined. I find that it’s lots of fun to see (and share) your home’s holiday design transformation.

At the Decorating Diva, we believe that creating beautiful home interiors, that resonate on a very personal level, is heavily influenced and shaped by our experiences and exposure to a multitude of inspirations from travel to art to architecture to fashion to beauty to interior design and to those everyday moments that give us pause and takes our breath away.Our mission is to share those beautiful inspirations from the worlds of design, lifestyle, everyday life and travel with you – to share those diverse sparks of creative inspiration and perspective that will undoubtedly ignite, fuel and continuously nurture your inner decorating diva as you embark on creating the home of your dreams – either with the help of a professional interior designer or on your own.