Hypoallergenic Bedding Can Improve Your Health

Dear The Decorating Diva,

I have terrible allergies which seem to be worse when I wake up. My friend tells me that hypoallergenic bedding can help me. I found your site when I googled for allergy proofing my bedroom so I hope you can help me figure out if hypoallergenic bedding can help me feel better.


Dear Stacey,

First I’d recommend that you see an allergy specialist. She can run tests to determine if you have allergies. She can then recommend the appropriate treatment course – this may also include a prescription for hypoallergenic bedding (typically recommended for dust mite allergies) and other allergy alleviating technologies like air purifiers.

I’m glad that our article on allergy-proofing your home was helpful to you. In that article we recommended the following with regards to allergy proofing the bedroom:

    • Clean all bedding – duvet covers, sheets, etc once a week in hot water to get rid of animal dander, dust and other allergens.
    •  Purchase allergy proof pillows and bedding such as Lands’ End Pure Loft . If you aren’t able to purchase allergen proof pillows and bedding you can always use protective coverings on your mattress and pillows. This greatly reduces the occurrence of dust mites which will lessen allergic reactions.

If you do  have allergies attributed to dust mites, then buying hypoallergenic bedding can alleviate many of the symptoms you suffer with.  Material-wise latex is probably the best defense against both dust mites and mold, and latex also happens to be eco friendly. Latex mattresses and pillows are a great choice, however if budget is an issue you can buy dust mite pillow covers and mattress encasings . When shopping for dust mite bedding covers check the product labeling for the “pore size” of the cover. You want to buy those casings that have pore size of 9 microns or less – anything equal to or larger than 10 microns is large enough for the dust mites to get through.

Carmen Natschke
Editor, The Decorating Diva LLC