Igniting Creativity: Seeing Possibilities in Chaos & Deconstruction

clip_image001What Inspires Me: “A mess inspires me. An unfinished space. A bewildered homeowner. A poorly designed room. A set of plans not complete. To me, these spaces are like puzzles to "figure out" and this is my passion. And, the homeowner who comes to me with a genuine desire for help solving the puzzle also inspires me to want to create the space they can only describe in vague terms but yet is very real to them. Corny, ‘eh? But very true. What this says about me….I do not know. I am inspired by chaos and a big mess! But this is when my real creativity comes out and when I think I do my best work.” -  Cheryl Kees Clendenon


clip_image001[5]Cheryl Kees Clendenon, a California transplant to Northwest Florida, has been in the design industry for eleven years and continues to learn something new every day.  She credits an education in the fine arts for helping to shape her perspective and how she views spatial relationships.

In Detail, Cheryl’s Pensacola, Florida-based, multi-award winning kitchen and bath design firm, is a 3000 square foot boutique design showroom which focuses on design and furnishings for kitchens, baths and interiors. Her award-winning designs have graced the pages of over 60 national consumer design magazines. She has won multiple prestigious national design awards for kitchens, baths, and closets.

Cheryl was a featured speaker at the Brizo Media panel at the Chicago NKBA conference along with Fashion Designer Jason Wu, Industrial designer, Judd Lord and Kitchen and Bath News editor, Janice Costa. She is one of a very select group of influential lifestyle and design writers and designers participating in the incredibly popular BlogTour London 2012 event this September.

Cheryl is also the editor of the popular blog, Kitchen Details and Design, where she journals in a bitingly funny, and refreshingly honest manner, her experiences as a working designer. Join Cheryl online: In Detail Kitchen and BathTwitter, Pinterest and  Facebook.

At the Decorating Diva, we believe that creating beautiful home interiors, that resonate on a very personal level, is heavily influenced and shaped by our experiences and exposure to a multitude of inspirations from travel to art to architecture to fashion to beauty to interior design and to those everyday moments that give us pause and takes our breath away.Our mission is to share those beautiful inspirations from the worlds of design, lifestyle, everyday life and travel with you – to share those diverse sparks of creative inspiration and perspective that will undoubtedly ignite, fuel and continuously nurture your inner decorating diva as you embark on creating the home of your dreams – either with the help of a professional interior designer or on your own.