Hypnosis + Decorating = A Fantastically Fun IKEA Experiment with Time Travel

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It’s no big secret that the mere thought of home decorating can send some people into a series of nervous convulsions. That fear of decorating can usually be traced back to the very simple fact that the act of visualization and planning can be extraordinarily challenging. That’s why there is an entire industry of fabulous designers who can take your ideas and whip them up into the most divine drawings, designs and eventually convert your design dreams into reality.

But, for a moment, imagine that you can see you future so clearly that your home unfolds from a blank space into a space fully decorated with your favorite furniture and home decor. The creative team at IKEA offers up a fantastically, fun scenario which makes that delicious peek into the future a possibility – well sort of. We obviously can’t time travel, but IKEA enlisted the aid of a group of actors, and Broadway star and hypnotist, Justin Tranz for a “time travel” experiment. Justin was asked to work his hypnotic magic on random IKEA shoppers while the actors took their place in three vignettes decorated with IKEA products. What occurs once the couple is hypnotized and they “travel through time”  is equal parts hilarious, enlightening, and memorable.


This young couple, Sofi and and Adam, are shopping at IKEA when asked to volunteer to allow famed hypnotist, Justin Tranz to hypnotize them. They say, “yes” and the design fun starts.

In the experiment, world-renowned hypnotist Justin Tranz put a young couple in deep trance before they’re being exposed with potential life-changing events in advance. Guided by Tranz, the young couple embarks on a time journey where different life predictions awaits them – from celebrating a birthday for their imaginary 6-year old daughter, to an odd meeting in the bathroom with the same daughters future boyfriend, years later.


Fast Forward Life – Sofi & Adam are parents now to this precocious little girl (played by actor) whose very “Pretty in Pink” room is decorated with IKEA furniture and decor. The “hypnotized” parents are celebrating their little girl’s birthday. And, when the birthday song ends, and the gift is given you won’t believe the little girl’s reaction. Watch the video below to see how she feels about her birthday gift!

“The everyday is exciting! It’s on those seemingly ordinary days life happens and changes. And when it does, so does our home”, says Johan Wickmark, Global Catalogue Manager.


Forget the terrible twos, Sofi and Adam are faced with the “Terrible Teens” as their precious, little girl has grown into a rebellious teen with a contemporary glam inspired bedroom decorated with IKEA furniture and decor, and dreams off running off to India with her Yoga instructor, George. Watch the video to see her break the news to her parents that she is running off with George – hilarity ensues.

With the Time Travel Experiment, IKEA collaborated with Tranz to put the spotlight on events that change how we live and our everyday lives. And in this film becoming parents is portrayed, which is one of the biggest transitions of them all.

“In the new IKEA catalogue you can find solutions for every episode in life”, says Johan Wickmark, Global Catalogue Manager.

See the full video below, and watch as this young couple fast-forwards through their lives and how their home evolves and grows as they do.

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