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home decor details - golds and whites

home decor details - golds and whites

What Inspires Me: “ The details.  A floating room that is a holding space for a big relic or piece of history. Beaten gold.  The richness of the past that gives layers to this moment. Hand made, individual "jewels" that speak volumes and are surrounded and supported by white.

This beaten gold torso piece I found in the Metropolitan Museum on my visit there in June 2012.  In the ancient area. Roman and Greek.   There is a lightness and a denseness about it that pulls me in. Its fresh and modern and yet so old.  The detail could be on a wall, a fireplace or covering a table. Or mounted on Perspex and displayed on a table.

I have a sense of these ancient pieces melting and melding into the now.  There is a purity in the gold and white, that lingers in hope.  The transparency with gilded edges.  Honesty. Hard work.  Love of Craft.  This piece sings of love, of light and of beauty. Simple and Profound.

White rooms with gold accents. Rich details.  A few carved intricate pieces taking center stage in the room.   Almost like the room disappears to give voice to hand crafted heavy metal.  This room isn’t mine I found it on Pinterest. It’s a Barcelona Apartment, but it really illustrates what is pulling me right now

White and gold porcelain that pull us in in their simplicity and purity of form.  Almost a Cubist feel.  Bold and gold.  Sturdy, Earthy, Elemental and yet light.  Flowing and glowing.” – Jennifer Duchene


Jennifer Duchene Blogfest photo Jennifer Duchene, Speaker, Interior Designer, Lifestyle Couturist, Author, and The  Polite Women’s Guide. Radio Host of Le Chic Speak – a Polite Woman’s Guide to Self Expression, and Bestselling author of Le Chic Cocoon, Creates Sacred Spaces for Exhausted People Pleasers, and guides them to ask for what they want (Facebook).  Enabling them to form healthy boundaries without guilt so that they can give joyfully, feel confident, authentic, and find their Power in Polite.

Jennifer has been named in the Top 20 Interior Design Firms by San Jose Business Journal, she has also been featured in Home Builders Magazine and on The Ed Tyll Show. To learn more about how you can transform your Polite Woman and create your own Sacred Space connect with Jennifer on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube.