Inspirational Impact: Design Material Choices That Make a Difference


What Inspires Me:  “One of the most inspiring pieces I’ve purchased for myself is my living room carpet. It was made by a man named Khalil Ahmed in India. He calls the pattern ‘Blossoming Diamonds’ and the story of this carpet as beautiful as the carpet itself.

I bought this carpet through an online resource called Novica, a project of the National Geographic Society. Novica provides a forum for Westerners to interact with developing world artisans directly. It also allows the artisans access to a market they could never reach otherwise. Everything listed on that site is made by an actual person with whom you can interact.

I wanted a handmade carpet but I didn’t want one that involved exploitative working conditions. Khalil Ahmed was paid directly from the money I spent and he used that money to feed his family and invest in his business.

I know all that because he included a hand written note he sent along with my carpet.

As design professionals, the choices we make when it comes to materials selection have an impact. Novica allows for a great opportunity for that impact to be a positive one.”Paul Anater


romePaul Anater is a Design Industry marketing consultant, writer and speaker based in St. Petersburg, FL. He can be found on Twitter: @Paul_Anater, Facebook and on his website Kitchen and Residential Design.

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