Interior Concepts by Wanda S. Horton

library design

Photo: Libraries don’t always have to be for the gentleman of the home.  Wanda designed this room with a softer gender, in mind, as it sits off the dining room and makes for a cozy retreat for reading and a cup of tea.

 great room design Photo: The sun is captured in more ways than one, in this Great Room.  The color palette keeps it happy, even on a cloudy day.
breakfast nook design

Photo: Wanda call this the “Glorious Morning Room”.  The inspiration for this room began with the paintings from Jan Yearwood, a Charlotte, NC area artist.

 family room design

Photo: This family salon overlooks Lake Norman, NC, and the design marries together a collection of furnishings, with the antique Mahal rug.

foyer design

Photo: Located in a Low Country style home, this foyer provided a grand entry for a holiday show house.  The walls were “scumbled” with a gilded and aqua/green tone, as if they had been in existence for many years.

 bedroom design

Photo: A guest bedroom proved to be a great primer for eclectic design.  By keeping the color palette and patterns simple, pieces from various periods and styles were easily brought together for a restful space.

About Wanda S. Horton

Wanda S. Horton As may be the case for most creative professionals, Wanda’s interest in interior design began at a young age.  She doesn’t believe that her room ever appeared the same, and thankfully, her mother enjoyed seeing how Wanda could reinvent the wheel, “as she also took me along on antiquing treks for the next find for our home”. 

Even though Wanda began her college career in the field of community health, she still yearned to participate in a different way of making ones environment more livable, and thus allowing for a harmonious state of being.  Wanda promptly changed her degree to Interior Design and has never looked back.  For almost 30 years, she has been sharing her mantra, “Experience the best about design”, as she believes that’s obtainable, whether you live in a cottage or a castle.

Wanda’s favorite projects are those which allow her to collaborate with the homeowner, infusing their style preferences into their spaces, while allowing for her guiding hand to help the project come to completion.  “I bring, with me, a bevy of resources and people, with whom I’ve had great experiences and relationships.  By allowing me to do what I do best, the client receives the benefit of an enjoyable and beautiful project, with the assurance that we’ll be there to see it through.”

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