Charmingly Glamorous Design: Jamie Drake for Theodore Alexander

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Jamie Drake’s inaugural furniture and décor collection for Theodore Alexander injects a refreshing dash of whimsy into glamorous design. Jamie’s collection, reminiscent of 50s’ and 60s’ Hollywood inspired mid-century glamour, is captivatingly beautiful and posh, yet exudes a relaxed glamour and elegance that is quite warm and inviting.  Looking at Jamie’s furniture is much like looking at a beautiful woman dressed to the nines – one can appreciate the beauty, but once she smiles or throws her head back in playful laughter, in that moment she comes alive – becomes real, and one is engulfed in her charming personality.  Jamie  has designed a collection for Theodore Alexander that captures that magical charm and boasts both looks and personality.

The Jamie Drake Furniture Collection for Theodore Alexander

This spring I visited the Theodore Alexander showroom for an exclusive preview of renowned designer Jamie Drake’s contemporary furniture collection.  Jamie gave us a fabulous and quite inspiring tour of his collection, and the following is a sampling of the pieces that captivated my attention. Jamie Drake on his sofa at Theodore Alexander showroom, High Point Market | The Decorating Diva, LLC

Jamie Drake sitting on the posh, coral-hued sofa from his furniture collection for Theodore Alexander.

Jamie Drake furniture collection living room vignette - pink sofas and gorgeous cocktail table. | The Decorating Diva, LLC

Jaime shared with me that the flared arms on the sofa and armchair were inspired by Judy Jetson’s iconic  ‘atomic’ style  dress. The gorgeous ‘Pearls’ cocktail table in Marmara marble and brass was inspired by beautiful South Sea pearls.

Montaigne Chair by Jamie Drake for Theodore Alexander. | The Decorating Diva, LLC

Montaigne Chair by Jamie Drake for Theodore Alexander. The Montaigne chair has a sexy, sophisticated Mid-Century inspired silhouette with an unexpected nod to Art Déco glam making an appearance in the chair’s legs. Love those little details.

D’argent bedside commode in Jamie Drake's furniture collection for Theodore Alexander | The Decorating Diva, LLC

Jamie brings a touch of shimmering elegance to bedroom furniture design with his D’argent bedside commode/nightstand.

'Vendome' leather swivel chair designed by Jamie Drake for Theodore Alexander. | The Decorating Diva, LLC

The attention-fetching ‘Vendome’ leather swivel chair in a striking blue color with a beautifully, tailored silhouette.

‘Chunky’ accent table from Jamie’s collection was inspired by a photo of the Grand Canyon. | The Decorating Diva, LLC

The ‘Chunky’ accent table from Jamie’s collection was inspired by a photo of the Grand Canyon Jamie had seen. The ‘Morceau’ cabinet’s  light-toned doors and drawers wrapped in a luxe, supple leather set against a dark mahogany wood case creates a beautiful visual drama.

Jamie Drake on His Signature Style & First Collection for Theodore Alexander

In this video produced by Theodore Alexander,  Jamie shares his thoughts on his love of design, his signature design style, and his first collection for Theodore Alexander.

Jamie’s Lifelong Love of Color and Design

I’ve always wanted to be an interior designer since I was a little kid. I loved fashioning rooms putting things together creating roomscapes and tablescapes. When I think about my signature, my design signature there’s certainly a vivacity of color and vibrancy of color.

In 2002, I was lucky enough to have the cover of House Beautiful the May issue, and inside [that issue], the Editor-in-Chief at the time, Marian McEvoy, called me the ‘King of Color’. And, I had to chuckle to myself, because it was basically an off-white room with some big beige upholstery. But it had really strong accents – the curtains, smaller furniture items, the throw pillows and the arc and I think that that again it’s how I continue to use color – I’m interspersing throughout a scheme, and throughout a room.


Endless Passion for Creating Beautiful, Livable Spaces

I get excited about what’s in front of me while I’m working on it, and I can envision it. I can see it see it coming to life three-dimensionally before it’s even presented to the client. Bedrooms, I envision always as being luxurious and wonderful romantic, sexy spaces. Living rooms, I often think of as places of entertaining where you can sit down with one person and have a private conversation, but also able to entertain 20-25 people at a time.


On Designing his First Collection for Theodore Alexander

I’m so excited to be part of the Theodore Alexander family now. The first time I got familiar with the product in-depth by touring their enormous showroom in High Point, I was blown away and overwhelmed by the depth of product and the across-the-board quality. Sensational. They can do anything.

You know what I’m bringing to the mix here at Theodore Alexander, is my view which is a very posh, rich contemporary vision of the way I think people are living today. They’re clean line pieces but they do have references to historic pieces from earlier in the 20th Century.

I love still discovering things – discovering new resources, new materials, and new products. When I see something I haven’t seen before, something that makes me go ‘wow’, makes me really sit up and take notice, that’s what I hope that my product for Theodore Alexander is going to do.

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