Yoshinuma Glass at Japan Style 2013 Interior Lifestyle Tokyo

Yoshinuma Polygon Glasses at Interior Lifestyle Tokyo | The Decorating Diva, LLCThe Deformation Polygon Glass L/M/S

Exquisite handmade glassware and devastatingly beautiful glass tableware from Tokyo-based glass company Yoshinuma inspired the masses at the Interior Lifestyle Tokyo design fair.   Their prototypes for a polygon shaped glass captivated me. The designer states that “We deformed the shape of the hexagon, and made it as a base of the prism glass. You can see its different shapes from different angles, but it fits in your hands comfortably.”

Detail View Yoshinuma Polygon Glassware Prototype | The Decorating Diva, LLCThe glasses are delicate and quite light, and they do fit perfectly in the hand. The coloring at the glass base points to a trend I’ve been seeing in glassware at all design fairs since last summer, and I love it even more so as it’s done here.

Hitofude Blue Calligraphy Stroke Glass Tableware Yoshinuma | The Decorating Diva, LLCStriking collection of blue infused “Hitofude” glassware from Yoshinuma at Interior Lifestyle Tokyo.

Hitofude glass is inspired by the the skill of writing in one stroke in Japanese calligraphy.  According to the designer, “ the simple, but strong blue line gives coolness and refreshes.”

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