Jen Duchene on the Importance of "A Room of Her Own"

Bedroom Sanctuary Tea in Bed | The Decorating Diva, LLCWe recently chatted with interior designer, accomplished radio personality and author of the “Le Chic Cocoon: 7 steps to creating your selfish space”, Jen Duchene about some new exciting programs her company will be offering to help you create a sanctuary space at home.

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Please tell us a little bit about your new design program for creating special spaces for women at home.

Many women I meet are exhausted from doing things for other people and have a really hard time finding the space and time to take care of themselves.  My design program “Crafting your Sanctuary of Chic – four easy steps to create your sacred space” is designed to simplify the difficulty of wanting a personal space and not knowing how to find the space or pull the room together with ease so it feels inviting, stylish, and fits in with a woman’ needs and budget.

As a recovering people pleaser and design expert I am on a mission to help exhausted people pleasers to start living their most vibrant confident life and having a well designed Sanctuary of Chic is the beginning.  I’m passionate about giving women the support and tools to express themselves on their own terms. I expanded my step-by-step process in this course so I can show women how to create their own environment that is a true reflection of who they are and what they want to support them in every area of their life.

I know what a challenge it can be to pull a room together with ease, so in this course designed for the busy woman  I share my easy to follow steps on where to find space, get inspired, and use the furniture already owned, to create an at home escape in just 4 weeks.  This program designed for busy woman and is fun. There are two Q&A calls where participants can ask questions and a bonus call in which i talk about the fun finishing touches of pulling that personal room together.  The course includes four recordings delivered by email, as well as handouts and resources, and all calls will be recorded as well.

How can having a special place at home help women in better taking care of themselves?

Women have a hard time taking care of themselves, saying no to others or remembering that their needs are important.  This leads to all kinds of stress related issues that can show up in the body or in difficult relationships.

Creating a room is an act of self expression that creates a physical space to escape to, and gives you mental and spiritual time out, an easy ritual to embrace.

The habit of going to ‘your room’ being creative and connected to your needs empowers and increases your self confidence and enjoyment in life.. Taking time alone actually frees up time, relaxes the body and mind,   It also helps other people in your life recognize and respect your needs, and is a wonderful way to say no without worrying about hurting others.

Do you offer this service in a specific geographic location or is it also available online?

This program is offered online, so it is available world wide.  It is designed for busy women. More information about the program and to sign up is available here.

Could you share with us details about your upcoming workshops? 

A few exciting workshops are in the works.  “Discover your Style”  Creative ways to bring out design style is coming up later this year. Offered in person in Northern California and in the future possibly online.   Events both virtual and in-person are brewing for Le Chic Afficionados – you can be notified of updates via my website,

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