Liora Manne Zen Vortex Rainbow Rug

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Manne Zen Vortex Rainbow Rug

Manne Zen Vortex Rainbow Rug

If Vincent Van Gogh made rugs, then I’m positive that he would have created one that looked like Liora Manne’s blended color rainbow rug show above. I love the pattern, it brings to mind an artist yielding a brush, and with each stroke creating wavy, swirled movements that blend the rainbow palette of colors into each other. This rug is a work of art bursting with color and movement, and I just love it.

NYC-based textile and product designer Liora Manne creates high-tech rugs, wall covering, pillows and fabric. Her exclusive LAMONTAGE textile design process intricately layers and interlocks colorful fibers by needle-punch to create a unique, felt-like material. This special process also incorporates SmartSilver nanotechnology for antimicrobial protection, providing durability and all-weather utility for indoor/outdoor use!

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Liora Manne will be showing at High Point Fall 2010 

October 16-21, 2010

Showrooms: G367 and G365
International Home Furnishings Center (IHFC)
210 E. Commerce Avenue
High Point, NC 27260