Luxe Neo-Classic Rustic Table Setting

Luxe Rustic Dining Table Decor | Christian Berard Table Setting (DIFFA Dining by Design 2011).

Table Setting Design Ingredients for luxurious and elegant French inspired rustic dining theme:

  • Furniture: Heavy use of wood: organic, raw slab of wood polished to an elegant luster; functional wood dining chairs with slatted chair backs; cushioned wood bench. Aged and weathered wood rustic chandelier.
  • Dinnerware: Frosted glass plates. Exquisite glass orbs filled with floating petals and flower buds. Linen napkins folded gracefully to imitate lovely flower petals. Confectionary delights marking the guest’s place at the table.
  • Color Palette: Deep reds, warm-golden tones and accents of purple and white.
  • Patterns: All natural – homage to Nature’s beautiful patterns embedded in the woods.
  • Finishes: Matte. Only a slight luster from the table and hint of shimmer from the dinner plates. 
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