Mattia Bonetti

 Mattia Bonetti exhibit for Paul Kasmin Gallery

Mattia Bonetti exhibit for Paul Kasmin Gallery at Design Miami 2009

Bonetti Armchair

Blue and Gold Bonetti Armchair (2009) in patinated bronze, wood, and  upholstered in hide.

Alu chair by mattia bonetti“Alu”chair (2009) in lacquered aluminum, and upholstery with appliqué.

Bonetti  Meander coffee table

Bonetti ”Meander” coffee table (2009) in patinated bronze and clear acrylic top.

Quasimodo cabinet by bonetti“Quasimodo” cabinet, (2009) in patinated resin, tinted wood, and patinated wrought-iron.bonetti Frequency acrylic cabinet“Frequency” cabinet, 2009 in clear acrylic and gold-plated brass.
mattia bonetti Necklace console “Necklace” console table (2009) in polished stainless steel and black nickel-plated brass.Necklace side table bonetti “Necklace” side table (2009) in polished stainless steel and black nickel-plated brass.

Cards commode by mattia bonetti at design miami“Cards” commode, 2009 in polished stainless steel, colored acrylic, and wood.

About Mattia Bonetti

Born in Lugano, Switzerland in 1977 and based in Paris since 1973, Mattia Bonetti is a multi-faceted designer and artist who has to his credit various high profile design projects from: interior design to product packaging to graphic design to furniture design.

Mattia emerged on the design scene in 1977 with his much acclaimed interior design work at the prestigious Parisian night club, Le Palace. In 1987, Christian Lacroix tapped Bonetti to design the interior of the house of Lacroix, as well as, the Lacroix brand logo.  After the design projects for Christian Lacroix, Mattia went on to design the interiors of castles belonging to the European jet set of the day, the Turn and Taxis’ and for the Picasso family-owned Chateau de Boiseloup. in 1991, Mattia Bonetti was honored with the prestigous “French Prize for Designer of the Year”.

Fans of Nina Ricci cosmetics and skin care may not know this, but Mattia was the creative visionary behind the cosmetic houses’ packaging design in the nineties. His product packaging for the Ricci “Le Teint Ricci” garnered him the coveted “Oscar de L”Emballage” in 1992.

Mattia’s embarkation into furniture design can best be described as the fusion of art and design. His whimsical, sculptural furniture pieces are best described as functional art as can be noted from any one of the pieces we saw on exhibit at Design Miami  (photos above). Of course, Bonetti’s genius to create art that functions as design, and design that functions as art, comes with a price tag best fitting a well-financed art collector; the Frequency cabinet is available for $110,000 – only eight editions will be created.

Gallery Information: Paul Kasmin Gallery

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