10 Home Decor Trends for Kitchen & Bath Designs for 2015 – 2016

The 2014 I Saloni design fair in Milan was brimming with gorgeous and evocative illustrations of what’s next in interior design trends for kitchen and bath.  Many of the following home decorating trends, I believe, will be strong for the latter portion of 2014 and will be an integral component of bath and kitchen design in 2015 through 2016.

1. Model Silhouettes – Thin is In:   Surface materials from Cosentino’s innovative Dekton to  BLANCO’s  Durinox stainless steel integrated counter and sink to reinforced “skinny” ceramics are all examples of the attractive, durable and streamlined silhouettes that were on show in kitchen, bath, interiors and even outdoor design during Milan Design Week.  Another design take away from the “Thin is In” trend is the appearance of beautifully beveled edges that further accentuated the lovely lines of the thin surface materials.

dekton by cosentino kitchen counter surface trend spotted at Rifra Eurocucina | The Decorating Diva, LLC

Dekton by Cosentino counter at Rifra – Trend Spotted at Eurocucina

2. There’s New Metals in Town – Bronze and Copper:  Though brass had a strong showing both at I Saloni and at the spring High Point market, I think it will soon be dethroned by the new kings of metals – bronze and copper.

bronze kitchen finish stainless steel arclinea milan trend spotted | The Decorating Diva, LLC

Bronze finish stainless steel cabinetry – Trend spotted in Arc Linea’s Milan showroom.

3. Life’s a Spa –  Living Well at Home: This serenity inducing trend focuses on the need we have at a cellular, if not on a deeper spiritual level, to embrace the sacred concept that self-care and self-nurturing is of vital importance to our overall health and wellness. By caring for ourselves we leave our spirits, minds and body renewed and energized to care for others – both in our immediate family and our human family.

gessi spa at home bath design trend milan design week | The Decorating Diva, LLC

Spa indulgence at home  – Trend Spotted at Gessi show room Milan.

4. It’s “Mink” to Be – Luxury Browns:  A rich and luxurious color palette of browns from mink to sable to seal brown are sashaying their way onto the design scene.  Sable brown is the new black, and shades of sumptuous browns were elegantly on display at I Saloni (And as an aside – I also saw strong evidence of sophisticated browns as an emerging trend for fall and winter 2014 at the spring High Point Furniture and Design market just days before I headed to Milan for I Saloni.)

sable brown color trend in kitchen surfaces spotted at eurocucina | The Decorating Diva, LLC

Team 7 kitchen with rich brown counter top – Trend spotted at Eurocucina.

5. Organizing Ninjas – Cleverly Executed Storage Solutions:  The hidden, hard-working stars of Milan Design Week were the various smart storage systems integrated into luxury cabinetry which offered sophisticated organizational solutions for the kitchen, bath and anywhere else in the home in which you need to achieve a sense of control, efficiency,  and serenity.

clever storage showroom  | The Decorating Diva, LLC

Clever Storage pantry shelves – Trend spotted at Kesseboehmer showroom.

6. Don’t be Square (or Linear for that matter!) – Curvy Kitchens: Though the rectangular or linear kitchen may have little to fear of being displaced as the de facto shape in kitchen design in the foreseeable future, designers, none the less, should take notice of the emerging trend for curvy and organically shaped kitchens as spotted at EuroCucina.

curvy kitchen designs trend spotted at eurocucina

7. Coco Would Approve – Fashion Inspired Details: Booth after booth at EuroCucina and Salone Internazionale del Bagno offered tantalizing couture confections for kitchen and bath from supple leather-clad cabinet doors to quilted back splashes and walls to cabinets and surfaces dressed in fashion patterns including sumptuous brocades and tailored hounds tooth printed on strong laminates.

fashion inspired patterns cabinet laminates trend spotted eurocucina

8. Rising to the Occasion – Adjustable Kitchens:  Functional design of kitchen counters and cabinets took an impressive and much welcomed technological leap at both the Kesseboehmer showroom near Venice and at EuroCucina.  At the touch of a button –  kitchen island counters can rise and fall converting a standard island into a bar level entertaining surface. A similar innovative cabinetry and counter top technology provides the luxurious option of  sliding open and, just as easily and quickly, sliding closed to hide kitchen elements allowing the homeowner to reclaim much needed horizontal space (illustrated in photo below).

retracting counter top hide sink range elements trend spotted at eurocucina

9: Leaving a Mark – Visual & Tactile Patterns:  One of my favorite design discoveries was the unabashed use of pattern on surface materials.  Printed patterns made bold splashes on cabinet exteriors and imprinted patterns styled to mimic the “hand” of linen, leather or other textiles made stylish appearances on kitchen counter tops and cabinetry.

tactile visual pattern linen like finish kitchen cabinet design trend spotted at eurocucina

10. It’s Not So Hard To Say Good-Bye – Vanishing Hardware:  Though cabinet hardware, on traditional and contemporary kitchen designs, was still spotted in respectful numbers at the design fair, it was the attention-getting absence of knobs and pulls on cabinets that generated the most interest amongst  I Saloni attendees.   I’ve always had a soft spot for cabinetry hardware – likening it to jewelry for the kitchen and bath. However,  moving forward I think there will be an increase in demand for unadorned cabinetry  (as it is in Europe) as homeowners embrace the notion of simple elegance and clean uninterrupted lines in kitchen and bath design.

leicht white kitchen no hardware quilted wall eurocucina trend 2015

Disclosure:  All opinions expressed in this post are all my own.  The trip to Venice and Milan with BlogTour Milan was made possible by the generous sponsorship provided by BLANCO America,Gessi, Clever Storage by Kesseboehmer, Dekton by Cosentino, the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) and Modenus.