Modern Bathroom Glam: Glass Wall DIY Install

Pin Wheel 3 FormWant to add a modern, luxurious glam design to your bathroom? Then replace the boring and Bathroom glass wall install after phototraditional dry wall with the look of  contemporary glass. Sounds hard? I used to think so until I came across a simple, yet thorough, DIY how-to from regular, denouement. Before I jump into the details let me show you denouement’s bathroom improvement project. The photo on the bottom right illustrates the starting point with the bathroom wall framed out. The finished bathroom “glass” wall install photo on the top right illustrates the beautifully designed and newly installed “glass” wall.

I know you’re probably wondering, “Why does she have the quotes around the word glass?”. The answer is that actual glass is Glass wall surround for bathroomnot used in this project for two reasons. The first is that glass near a bathtub/shower area needs to be shatterproof which leads me to the second reason real glass is not used, it’s expensive to buy the required safety glass. denouement used a plexi-glass (ecoresin from 3Form) which has “self-extinguishing flammability for code compliance”.

Don’t think that you’re limited to colors and textures. 3Form has a breath-taking variety of styles and designs to choose from. Some of my favorites are shown below:
Bloom Aqua from 3 FromCapiz Silver Pink glass 3FormHydrangea Thatch 3Form

Boutonniere Glass 3Form

Pin Wheel 3 Form

This look won’t work in all homes but if your home is contemporary in design and style then it’s definitely a natural fit.Learn how you can get this look at home -read denouement’s 5 Tips for Creating an Architectural Glass Wall.

Design resource: 3Form

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