Mount Vernon Tour: Kitchen and Bath

Mont Vernon (66)Compared to today’s standards for kitchen design, this kitchen would fall quite short. But for the time period in which it was designed and operated Mount Vernon’s kitchen was a leader in design. It had a large floor plan, a large cooking area, a well-considered food prep section, smart use of ventilation and equipment that would be considered “state of the art” for that era.

Mont Vernon (67)

Mont Vernon (71)

Mont Vernon (26)

It’s easy to forget that the widespread implementation of  indoor plumbing is actually a recent design innovation (Having become popularized over the last 150 or so years as cities created sewage and water systems to service the needs of their citizens. ) and was considered quite a luxury feature in homes in the early to  mid-1800s. Mount Vernon was equipped with,what at the time was considered, a luxury outhouse/outdoor plumbing facility located nearby to the main structure on the estate.

Mont Vernon (27)There are three “toilets” built into this wood bench, which leads one to wonder what other type of business was taking place in this luxe outhouse while the homeowners (and/or visitors) were taking care of, ahem, nature’s business call?

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