Outdoor Performance Fabrics: Color and Pattern

Sunbrella®  Lanai Lagoon Collection in Blues & Tans | The Decorating Diva, LLC
Sunbrella®  Lanai Lagoon Collection illustrates several key outdoor living color and pattern trends.  Soft blues soothe the spirit.  Organic, yet sophisticated gray-browns offer elegant, grounded comfort. Botanicals, stripes, and subtle geometric shapes echo popular textile pattern trends.Available through Calico Corners and other retailers of Sunbrella® fabrics.
Solarium Performance Fabrics in Green, Orange, Pink and Red Sunbursts | The Decorating Diva, LLC
Solarium Performance Fabrics show off a modern interpretation of the sunburst medallion.  The above all-weather indoor/outdoor fabric showcases several color harmonies: spiced orange, pinks, reds, golden green,and  herbal green,.
Boxed Mosaic in Spice by Robert Allen Design | The Decorating Diva, LLC
All weather performance fabric Boxed Mosaic in Spice by Robert Allen Design shows off an elegant geometric pattern in a warm, nutmeg and ginger color.
Ralph Lauren rich blue Shore Paisley outdoor fabric | The Decorating Diva,LLC
Fashion icon Ralph Lauren offers up the popular trendy yet classic paisley in deep blue with the  Shore Paisley (color Sky) outdoor performance fabric..
 Sunbrella®  Caroline Seabreeze in Blue, Tan & Gray | The Decorating Diva, LLC
 Sunbrella®  Caroline Seabreeze shows off the very popular stripes pattern trend and color combination trend of blues, grays and browns that echo the Earth’s natural color palette.Available through Calico Corners and other retailers of Sunbrella® fabrics.

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