IKEA Time Travelers: Memories of Tomorrow Today

Once again renowned hypnotist, and Broadway star Justin Tranz teams up with IKEA to offer us a funny and entertaining look into the future with this second installment of IKEA's time travel series. In the first IKEA Time Travel episode, IKEA shoppers Sophi and Adam allow Justin to hypnotize them and what ensues is a comedic, design-filled sneak peak at what the future holds for them. Today we meet ...

Hypnosis + Decorating = A Fantastically Fun IKEA Experiment with Time Travel

It's no big secret that the mere thought of home decorating can send some people into a series of nervous convulsions. That fear of decorating can usually be traced back to the very simple fact that the act of visualization and planning can be extraordinarily challenging. That's why there is an entire industry of fabulous designers who can take your ideas and whip them up into the most divine drawings, designs ...

Essence of Elegance: Blue Toile de Jouy Dressed Chair

Beautifully whitewashed 18th century style antique reproduction French chair and ottoman upholstered in a classic and elegant blue toile de jouy fabric with an oriental inspired pattern.   Craving more design inspiration? View more in my Instagram gallery ⇒

Sitting Pretty: Blooming Garden Inspired Chair

Floral pattern chair in a boldly romantic shade of pink. Craving more design inspiration? View more in my Instagram gallery ⇒

In the Pink: Sophisticated & Elegant Luxury Decorative Pillows

Instagram Inspiration:Pretty pink decorative pillows pack a punch of fresh and sophisticated color. Craving more design inspiration? View my Instagram Gallery ⇒