Hot Pink & Bright Orange Garden Planters

Bright Pink and Orange garden planting pots add modern colorful style to any garden. These large potting containers are perfect for showcasing smaller trees and bushes in a space constrained environment in urban settings. I can also see these fun sherbert-inspired colored gardening planters lining the side of a beautiful turquoise-hued pool.

5 Fire Pits to Warm Your Outdoor Living Space

Palm Springs outdoor gas fire pit table from Agio. Granite Flower Oriflamme glass burning fire pit from All Backyard Fun. Avila Fire Pit Dining Table by O.W. Lee. Agio Table top Urn - mini fire pit idea for an exotic summer outdoor dinner tablescape. Great Outdoor Rooms coffee table crystal burning fire pit combination. Images copyright of respective companies. Home Decor Buyer Resource: Agio Outdoor Casual Furniture, Great Outdoor Rooms, O.W. Lee, All Backyard Fun

From Blah to Ah! Design Pro Shares 3 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Smith Kitchen Design Project: Backsplash implemented in light reflecting glass tiles. Illuminate and Brighten. Glass tiles are very popular and are often used in contemporary kitchen design projects, eclectic kitchens, and transitional kitchens. The reflective qualities of glass tile are a great source of light and color, and help to create the visual illusion that your kitchen is much bigger and brighter than it really is – the perfect ...

Chic Outdoor Water Features

Lily Pad fountain at InMod. Polished Bowl Fountain from Stone Forest. Kata natural stone water fountain from Oracle Fountains. Rocca Water Fountain from Alfresco Home. Images copyright of respective companies. Home Decor Buyer Resource: InMod,  Stone Forest,  Oracle Fountains, Al Fresco Home

No Boys Allowed! The Ultimate Girly-Girl Bath Spa

It’s well known that I have a deep admiration for the color pink, so when I saw how Azulejos Alcor used several hues of pinks intermingled with extraordinary patterns in their tile installation for this bathroom, my heart was set aflutter. Isn’t it amazing? True it may be ‘color kryptonite’ to the men in our lives, but really is that such a bad thing? Keeping them out of our ...